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In collaboration with Jeroen van Terheijden at the age of 11, Dierck Roosen made his first 16 mm film in Turnhout, Belgium. It was about a crossing between Superman and Cheyenne from "Once upon a time in the west". Where this film is stored, at the moment, is unclear. From the age of 16, he started collecting super 8 cameras for video was to expensive to find or to work with. At the age of 19, Roosen subscribed to the Academie of fine arts in Maastricht. HEre a lot of experiments with super 8 were undertaken. Most films in the beginning came out black, which turned out to be a good lesson in light. In the middle of the 90's, the search for projecting with video as well as with film became more and more a necessity and therefor a quest in itself. "Borrowing" knowledge and know-how at other art academies was an logical step. Enschede and Groningen were frequently visited schools although Roosen was studying Scenography in Maastricht. Projection and film have always been one of the first fields of interests.
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