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Video exists in many formats. Roosen did many small projects in various formats, whatever was available. The first film he ever made was at the age of 11, this was a 16mm animation, at a professional animation studio in Turnhout, Belgium. In many of years super 8 or mini dv was the only affordable format. Still, quality does not necessarily mean the project is less interesting. Therefor it didn't prevent the production of short films or other projects. Only a few films are shown here.
'Puchs Part Paris' HD, DV & SVHS. 17 min. Once upon a time in the last millennium, in the south of the Netherlands. Twelve guys set out to keep the tradition of a biannual rally alive. This race is 500km (300+ miles) long, they use vintage 50cc mopeds. A rally tradition that started in in 1991*. The 'Breda to Paris rally'. This tradition is still ongoing today, amongst vintage Puch and Tomos freaks from Holland and Belgium. This story shows friend fuckers, hardship, the odd love between bikers, karma and the power of Puch two-stroke multiple gear moped design from the 50's. These mopeds show they are still working excellent on nowadays roads. Do the boys find harmony in these times of ultimate discrepancy? Who can you trust? What rules apply? What is the final rule? Money, money talks. And for what? Well, to spend it on a thrilling party. Why Paris? Solely to ride. In Paris.
'Carna Cuba' HD, 2011, 11 minutes 11 seconds. Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba is the oldest carnaval of South America, so they say locally. The people of Santiago are very proud of their annual feast and have created their own ways. Still the party shows customs that are seen all over the world with carnaval. This is part 2 of a quartet of films about carnaval. This is the follow up of 'Carna 11'. Which in fact was a homage to Adriaan Ditvorst's 'Carna' on the very unique carnaval of Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands from 1969 (camera: Jan de Bont!). Dierck wishes to thank the family plus the people of Santiago who made this film possible. They have something to be proud of.
'Carna 11' HD & DV, 2011, 10 minutes. Watch in HD! Vastenavond (Mardi Grass or Carnaval) is a very old feast. It was the last of many cellebrations to get through the winter. Today it is still celebrated in what is now Catholic Holland, Belgium, Germany, Venice and even in various countries and forms in South America. Adriaan Ditvoorts is regarded as one of the most important film directors from the Netherlands of the last millenium. He made the film 'Carna' in 1969 of the canaval in Dierck's and Ditvorst's shared hometown, Bergen op Zoom. The only things said in the beginning are: "I would like to hand the key to the city to someone now.." and "They never laugh..", Later, at the secret gathering it is announced to throw "grumpyness/ ill-humoredness" itself into a deep well.
This is the other side of Cuba: "What is Ricardo's faith? Doing a sentence of 12 years for supposedly stealing a necklace, although he was, at the time of the robbery, 200 miles away! No decent lawyer was provided. He has (had) no voice. Be his voice. Share this video around."
'La Vida Cubana', HD, 2011, 3 mins. The Cuban Life. Just what is the Cuban Life? Does it need explenation, as with so much art? Does it even need analyses? Or does a well pronunciation suffice: To get one's tongue around?
'De Mijlpaal', DV, 2005, 1,5 min. A video about the occasions in the past when Holland flooded. Bring it on, I'm ready, I say, with an umbrella, towel and swimsuit. 1421, 1916 and 1953: this pole marks the flood-levels in the subsequential years. It is not a milepost, though in a way it is, or will be, in case of a new flood. Are we prepared? Are you?
'Tis Nix', DV, 2001, 3 min. A week before the world changed. August 2001. Europe pressures the common man to drop her/his original monetairy attributes. So long "guilder", so long 'florijn", your time has come. Now let go, it's nothing, just let go. Colin, Sagi, Sami, Koldun, Alex, Chris & Dierck. Camera: Nienke, Kyra, Martijn. Music: dierck & Louis Davids.
'Shark Island', Super 8, 1998, 3 min. Sydney Harbor, Australia. A thin plot offers the opportunity to be free in the excecution of filming. Especially when one wants to use "direct-editting" techniques: directly editting in the camera and none afterwards.
'Sub One', Super 8, 1999, 1 min. The Kings Cross in Sdney Australia, 1998. A double super 8 looping one minute film, shot with 2 cameras This piece shows the travelling back and forth to and from this subway station in the centre of Sydney, where ordinary life mixes with the rough edges of society. A joint production with Rebecca Naylor.