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_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2013 Valentio BumbBeany in conjunction with 4BidGallery amsterdam. A shadow play with a simple plot of love, dreams Italian and Japanese culture. 2014 'Make Senses' In conjunction with Irina Baldini, at Free Fringe Festival, In the Vondelpark Amsterdam. 2014 'Schikking'. In conjunction with Irina Baldini. A mixed media performance of film (s8), video (feedback), audio, movement/dance. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012: two performances were created in 2012: They are solid, serious though comic live acts. The Chocolate Teapots is a gig where the public is asked to dance in order to win a cocktail. All the music is upbeat interbellum, as are the setting and the costumes. Every so often the Teapots kill the music for a wee while as to sing a interbellum classic, as a return gift to the public for their hard work. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dada is the opening-act fot the exhibition of new photographic work by FotoFloor.This took place on the 20th of september, 2012 at Glassworks Amsterdam. In conjunction with; Spfoe, FotoFloor, Glassworks, Donné. Foto's: FotoFloor. Vid: Dierck & Laurens v Wieringen. All ideas , texts, costumes performances by Dierck, exept for the swing: by FotoFloor. This performance contains four poems in four different settings and costumes. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2012: The Rette ke tette bar is is collaboration with the Voodoo Vultures, a.k.a FotoFloor. This is a variety show, for a select puvblic and for a specific exclusive short period f.i. on a larger cultural event. The Dik Zeis Competitie is one of the little items on the list. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ All the years from 1999 till summer 2008 Dierck has produced a lot of programs. The focus started with the 301cinema (programming, technical and practicle refurbishment and media coverage plus PR), and later moved to the big studios on the groundfloor of OT301. Dierck's programs consisted of the "Volle Maan Nachtschade" (Full Moon Nightshade): a variety program and many many odd gigs, dancenights and events. Soon enough, through the organising of a benifit for the Tsunami in januari 2005, a bigger group formed to result in H-otscenes concert nights. "301live!" was amongst the gigs organised with colleagues like J. Kraft and B. Kassies. A series of one timers were mostly arranged within this group. All of the programms took place in the OT301, with an average of at least 1 gig/event/night a week for more than 5 years.
Make SensesMake Senses CameraSchikking masculinityMasculinity = (Kg * m˛)/s˛
valentinoValentino BumpBeany CameraTake Out Your Camera
Chocolate TeapotsThe Chocolate Teapots. 2012 foto Mark Rietveld Dada FotofloorDada- for Fotofloor. 2012 foto Fotofloor retteketetRette Ke Tette Bar: o.a. met Dik Zeis Competitie. 2012 foto FotoFloor.
s8 De Volle Maan. 16mmDierck poetry live. video clipsNederlands Les.
hot festivalhot scenes festival. 301live301live. 1timersone timers.