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(h)ot Scenes is a group of programming friends who throughout the years 2005 through 2008 organised many odd gigs and concert nights at OT301. Whereas most programmers in this venue came from an ideas of experimental, the (H)ot Scenes group started the search for acts in the rock area. The most active three members of this group, Kraft, Roosen and Kassies all work at Paradiso, which explains this POV. They would only find out after some time (being regarded as "the lesser programms, for rock is too popular, that also other experimental programms were booking more and more rock orriented experimental acts. The rock-sound in Holland was getting put back on the musical map, after being lost in the void for quite some time. (H)ot Scenes saw this coming and saw it needed a place in the OT301. To show this in extend the (H)ot Scenes Festival was created. It was, at the same time, used as a tool to draw as much attention on the OT301 project as a whole. This was because the building at Overtoom 301 was being purchased by it's users association from the counsil in 2006. The Festival was held in 2006, 2007 and 2008. All lasted 4 days and listed more than 40 acts each. It did do it's job: a lot of media attention was drawn because of it.
s8 2006. 16mm 2007. video clips2008: at the server of www.zark.nl, Urbanscreens.