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DADA. Dada is the opening-act fot the exhibition of new photographic work by FotoFloor with Sonja Wanda.This opening took place on the 20th of september, 2012 at Glassworks Amsterdam. It might go on tour in 2013. In conjunction with; Spfoe, FotoFloor, Glassworks, Donné. Foto's: FotoFloor. Vid: Dierck & Laurens v Wieringen. All ideas , texts, costumes performances by Dierck, exept for the swing: by FotoFloor. This performance contains four poems in four different settings and costumes. 'Het Woord', 'Ma Natura', Koelkast' and 'Boeien'. These are all newly written poems by Dierck.
'Het Woord'
'Ma Natrura'