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Amsterdam lies below the sealevel. What happens with a city, in which the houses are 'standing' on poles, which themselves were driven into the muddy undergrounds in order to find sturdy sandlayers? Will the buildings lose their 'feel' with gravity and fall over? How does one safe her/himself in such an unknown situation? What do the dutch do with this concept? Well, they'd rather not think about it. Not the inhabitants, nor the government. The latter say: both our dyke and dune systems are so swell, it will only go horribly wrong once in hundreds of thousands of storms. That is, in most places. Some places only have a 1:800 garanty. Mmm, interesting. There is one solution: get yourself a goverment issued packet for in case of an immergency. This is only a scanty solution. So, now here's the 'Life Buoy' in which your whole family could get itself to safety. First muster at home, then get into the Life Buoy (which would be supplied with everything one needs for a 3 day survival) and drop yourselves into the rising water. No touching the infested water. You don't need to stay on the roof of your house till someone comes to the rescue. No more snakes, other animals or bacteria threatening your life. Due to its shape, no falling down building will keep you submerged, as would happen in an open boat. After floating upto 3 days (f.i. somewhere onto the North Sea). The (British) Marine will pick you up. Are we prepared? Are you?
Biennale, Venice.
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam.
Nederland Lek. Vrolikstraat. Belgium had been flooding.
Snowy Amsterdam. Herengracht-Brouwersgracht Huldiging. Italia 2010, Palermo, Gibellina, Etruscan Temples, Rome: Forum Romano Empoli, Sasso Pisano, Bussana Vecchia.
interview with David Garcia at Hoeksteen Hoeksteen december 2009. Sarphatistraat, may 2010. Safety Pictograms Designs.
ADM 2009. sisi dans les alpes Inflating. Leidskade, october 2009.
December '08, OT301. Museumnacht '08, Keizersgracht 268. Stubnitz.
An impression.
Same topic: "De Mijlpaal", a video about the occasions in the past when Holland flooded. Bring it on, I'm ready, I say, with an umbrella, towel and swimsuit. 1421, 1916 and 1953: this pole marks the flood-levels in the subsequential years. It is not a milepost, though in a way it is, or will be, in case of a new flood. Are we prepared? Are you?