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Breda-Paris Rally 2010. 5 Teams compete in a bi-annual rally, organized since 1991. In order of arrival: Team Ouwe Bob en Kuif, Voodoo-vultures, Superknegget, The Pale Green Tomos-riders From Hell, Neerlands Hope In Bange Dagen. The fastest time was 9 hrs 10 min for the distance of 450 km approx. This rally would not have been so problem-free if it weren't for VORB. It was organised by PTCN.nl. In this video you see The Voodoo Vultures leaving, the first woman who arrived in this competition. She rode a Tomos 4L. She was fast, superfast.
Breda-Paris Rally 2010. Guys and gals who don't want to grow up. Guys and gals who are nostalgic and seek freedom. Guys and gals who are romantic go to Paris. Puch mopeds won't stop and have the charisma to do precisely this.
Breda-Paris Rally 2010. Ouwe Bob en Kuif, Lost in Versailles. Accompanied by Whillem, who was a factor of confusion.
Breda-Paris Rally 2010. Paris wakes up.