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OT301. For 9 years this project has been a painstaking effort to make run. To get it known, to make it work. With a consensus structure this building, both public and private, work and living, is a slow but decent organization. Many years D. Roosen put his effort in making sure there would be consistency and a much reliability as possible. This means doing most of the jobs yourself, voluntarily with no pay. Between 2004 and 2008 Dierck Roosen acted as not only the chairman of the board of the users association and the foundation Studio301 but also as the leading manager. In this period the building was purchased and made known to the outside world through programming as much as possible and getting this known. Through this attention a nomination (Amsterdammer van het Jaar) and a prize (Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunst, 35.000) were given to the OT301. All the years from 1999 till summer 2008 Dierck has produced a lot of programs. The focus started of being on the cinema, and later moved to the big studios on the groundfloor of OT301. There the programs consisted of the "Volle Maan Nachtschade" (full Moon Nightshade) a variety program. Soon enough, through the organising of a benifit for the Tsunami in januari 2005, a bigger group formed to result in H-otscenes concert nights. "301live!" was amongst the gigs organised with colleagues like J. Kraft and B. Kassies. A series of one timers were mostly arranged within this group. All of the programms took place in the OT301, with at its peak an average of 1 a week for more than 4 years.
avhj"Amsterdammer of the Year"2006 Amsterdamprijs voor de Kunsten.