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Sisi is a continuation on the Feetwalk2000 'Moving Helmet Projection Screen' in which the spectator experiences the video or film footage as being in a video-game. Seeing no edges and being completely surrounded by image the public endures what is often called 'sickening' lack of earthly consienceness. Sisi is an experience for thrubbing hearts and damp claws. Another variation on the same sisi, various locations, various looping footage, always inflicting nausea. This installation was built in 2002. Simplified Sisi is sturdy and reaches for the implicable and bizare perception doubts.
'Knee' - projector. The screen in use.
The helmet, daylight. Sisi, le 102. sisi dans les alpes Sisi, les Alpes
Sisi Dans Les Alpes, the super 8 film. It is speeded up, so as you get a quick grasp and not to bore you.
Sisi, revived in OT301, with the Artcore a Rennes super 8 film.